Extreme Edition V 2.56 Released (all versions)

All versions:
  • Fixed Curl init error displaying – Expiry date coding removed till we sort out why it’s doing that on some servers
  • Fixed ImageMagick detection (note you must refresh the Xtra imagemagick page for it to recheck the status after installing/updating)
  • Fixed CPX Admin link on Misc menu to properly display if CPX (Cpanel Xtra) is installed
  • Changed CPX Admin link to display by default in WHM Plugins area (after refreshing browser). Can be turned off via CPX settings area.
Pro Suite Only:
  • Added Repairs >> MySQL Database Repair – check and repair all server databases at once
  • Added >> Security >> RFX Networks >> LSM – Linux Socket Monitor
  • Added >> Security >> RFX Networks >> NSIV – Network Socket Inode Validation
  • Added precoding for new themes
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