Complete Change Log for Xtra

April 9th, 2010 - 2.57 released (all versions)

All versions

Added new license expiry date coding to resolve the curl errors some people had

Fixed some issues with vnstats monitor display and initial stats generating right after install

Fixed Cpanel Xtra My Processes viewer to avoid blank display if the user logs out of cpanel then logs back in and tries to use it

Modified main page to automatically detect and fix fopen/url open errors that stopped Xtra from working correctly

Modified CSF installer to automatically add outgoing traceroute ports (can be disabled via csf admin by editing the csf config file and removing ports 33434:33523

Pro Suite Only

Added New Plugin - MegaStats

MegaStats is meant as a one stop shop for major important server info.Stats display includes up/down status of essential services, disk space usage,
process tree, tmp files, free ram, apache and mysql threads, mysql queries, top processes (eg like running top via ssh), mytop and vnstats reports (if installed),
connected users, open port info and even a process tree.

Soon to be added is an additional module that will allow megastats to report VPS specific info (although this version will work on all servers,
there's additional VPS only info that will also be displayed in future).

After install, access via Xtra plugins section, the Misc menu or refresh screen and access via WHM Plugins section

Added more backend coding for themes, just doing final testing before release in a few days

April 1st, 2010 - 2.56 released (all versions)

All versions

Fixed Curl init error displaying - Expiry date coding removed till we sort out why it's doing that on some servers

Fixed ImageMagick detection (note you must refresh the Xtra imagemagick page for it to recheck the status after installing/updating)

Fixed CPX Admin link on Misc menu to properly display if CPX (Cpanel Xtra) is installed

Changed CPX Admin link to display by default in WHM Plugins area (after refreshing browser). Can be turned off via CPX settings area.

Pro Suite Only

Added Repairs >> MySQL Database Repair - check and repair all server databases at once

Added >> Security >> RFX Networks >> LSM - Linux Socket Monitor

Added >> Security >> RFX Networks >> NSIV - Network Socket Inode Validation

Added precoding for new themes

March 27th, 2010 - 2.55 released (all versions)

All versions

Added new Turnkey Internet to domain search/register feature in Xtra and Cpanel Xtra

Added display of license and expiry date on main page

Updated vnstat monitor to version 1.10 (previous reported version of 1.6 was incorrect)

updated vnstat php frontend to version 1.5.1

updated vnmonitor installer to also include new versions for Virtuozzo and FreeBSDservers

Added vnstat monitor quick summary at bottom of page

Updated Multitail from version 5.2.2 to 5.2.6

Fixed problem with PRM detection once installed

Added IPaliases and bandmin to services, removed chkservd

Pro Suite Only

Lynis updated from 1.2.8 to 1.2.9

Account DNS Check plugin updated from version 1 to version 3

Added Misc >> Logs/info >> PHP Modules (for quick checks of installed php modules rather than reading full phpinfo)

Added Install >> GeoIP Lite Country

February 7, 2010 - 2.54 released (all versions)

All versions

- Softaculous Plugin now comes with 1 month free Premium access to all 128 scripts

Pro Suite Only

- Added Install >> Cpanel / Server >> Perl
allows you to completely reinstall the latest supported Perl for cpanel.

- Added precoding for mod_GeoIP and some other new features and skins being released shortly

December 9th, 2009 Extreme Edition V 2.53 Released

All versions

-minor bug fixes
-fixed plugins page to work in FireFox (finally)
-modified menus to make more room
-Added Repairs >> Fopen / URL File Access repair (to allow easier fixing of that error when it pops up)
-Added Misc >> Mounted Partitions to list currently mounted partitions and the state they are mounted in.

Updated (all versions)

- APF updated to version 0.97
- VNStat monitor updated to version 1.6
- MyTop upgraded so mysql root pass can be set via interface rather than via ssh
- CSF firewall updated and modded to always install the latest version.
- RKHunter updated to version 1.3.6
- Minor updates to SIM and PRM
- Tripwire updated

Added or Updated (Pro Suite Only)

- Updated Lynis security Auditor

- Added Repairs >> File Repair Utility

- Added Install >> Brand new FFMPEG installer, installs/enables 20+ ffmpeg related things, runs smoothly from the web interface and provides a full log of what's going on, also takes 50 megs instead of 300 and runs in approx 20-40 minutes instead of 60-120 minutes like before.

- Added Security >> Server Auditors >> Mysql Performance - checks mysql performance and makes suggestions to improve it.

- New Plugins -

- Switch It cPanel theme changer - allows clients to change their own cpanel theme

- Account DNS Check - checks to see if all domains resolve to the server properly

- Log View - Slightly different version of our own log viewer with a bit of Apache Log Tail thrown in.

- Load / Bandwidth monitor - Monitors and records stats for CPU and memory usage as well as incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage

December 2, 2009 Extreme Edition V 2.52 Released

Cpanel Xtra (all versions)
Modifed Cpanel Xtra to no longer need use of the wheel group

Added "Setup" menu to allow turning Cpanel Xtra suphp compatible mode on/off and also turn on/off the Cpanel Xtra addon cgi in the WHM plugins menu.

Rewrote scripts to work with suphp if it is enabled in the Setup menu.

Added Domain availability checker for checking if a domain is registered or not.

Cpanel Xtra - Pro Suite Only:
Added Elitius Affiliate software
Added EyeOS desktop OS/Office Suite

November 23, 2009 Extreme Edition V 2.51 Released

Added (all versions):
Clean /tmp: Clean files out of /tmp and recreate the mysql socket if needed.
Connections: Ability to see servers recent connections, current connections and full apache status results.

CPanel Xtra Plugin:
Added ability to upgrade it rather than removing and readding it.
Added automatic license detection and setting.
Modified to automatically remove cpanel users from the wheel group if deactivating the plugin.

November 14th, 2009 Extreme Edition V 2.0 Released

Xtra Extreme Edition 2.0 is now available. CPX (CPanel Xtra) has now been added to Xtra as a plugin and a new Basic Suite has been released. Features added at this time are as follows:

GUI Improvements, including screenshots addeded to some features. Fixed MyTop GetLong error. Fixed Server and Firewall editors. Modded Shell Commander to automatically fill in user password. Changed modal window to something much prettier

Basic Suite (new features):

Pro Suite (new features):

March 9, 2009 Extreme Edition V 1.0 Released:

Xtra Extreme Edition is now available. In addition to new features virtually all existing features have been enhanced. Below are just some of the new features and enhancements made for this version.

New Features

Enhanced Features

April 14 , 2008 Jax Edition V 4.0 Released:

New Style system with more relevant color style choices.

Removed some graphics to speed things up for mobile users

New faster loading tooltips and more info links now work in a newer faster way

RKhunter updated to 1.3.2 - Note: has some bugs in detecting the new version but it will install and run

Chkrootkit updated to 0.48

Multitail updated to 5.2.1

Custom links description and name modified to allow spaces and special chars (no more breaking Xtra!!!) Ignore the note about not using them, I forgot to remove that

Added loading bars to some pages that take a few seconds to load while looking up info

Install tools now includes install Zend Optimizer and install Ioncube loaders server wide (Note these really just run cpanel scripts that exist already so if they don't work not our fault :P

Viewlogs now also includes the ability to grep in apaches access and error logs for whatever you want, handy for looking for hack attempts or specific errors related to a domain

FFMPEG installer updated for new ffmpeg-php version (new installer coming soon)

Various other code tweaks for speed etc

Added more precoding for new themes, styles and upcoming features.


February 4 , 2008 Jax Edition V 3.0 Released:

New interface design

Backend changes for improved speed and for future additions


November 22 , 2007 Jax Edition V 2.3 Released:

Modified installer for automatic php url_access fixes

Modified FFMPEG installer to correct changes made by authors

Misc Tools: Added VN Stat monitor and php frontend for it

May 22 , 2007 Jax Edition V 2.0 Released:

Note some users will be reset to X theme

Themes renamed to XT* to avoid confusion with cpanels themes xt1, XT2 and XT3 are for pre cpanel 11 users, XT1-11, XT2-11 and XT3-11 are for cpanel 11, all themes optimized

RKHunter updated to 1.2.9 (update via RG Security)
SIM updated to 2.5.4 (reinstall)
MultiTail updated to 5.0.2 (reinstall)
Shell Commander 2.0 - fixed buggy configuration editor and tweaked code
Browser 2.0 - Optimized and enhanced
Note: Change ownership and permissions will be added soon
Note: Header output error is harmless, will be removed in near future

Added jump to top link for most pages to avoid having to scroll back up after long installs

Added Quick Links menu to most pages (except main, services and browser) for quick navigation around Xtra and it's main sections.

Moved most tool tips to "info" links so tips don't pop up just hovering over a page link

Improved FFMPEG installer - now done in steps and more indication of errors or something missing or not installed right

Coming soon:
2 new themes, more scripts, and more visual enhancements

March 5 , 2007 Jax Edition V 1.9 Released:

Misc tools - added installer for:

Mplayer + Mencoder
LAME MP3 Encoder

Added feature to check open ports on the server

Added Yum Updater - use to update/install specific packages or the entire server with yum


February 3, 2007 Jax Edition V 1.8 Released:

Minor bug fixes

Precoding added for some new features

Code tweaks to increase speed

January 15, 2007 Jax Edition V 1.7 Released:

Few minor bug fixes
Shell commander config editor fixed. Now edits file correctly. Note it will error on saving however it will save the file correctly. Working on a permanent fix.

Security tools -
Added Root Check

Fix Tools -
Added fix for Lograte problems

December 22, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.5 Released:

Recoded most Fix Tools in php and confirmation pages rather than just running the cgi.

Install Tools - Added

Mail Manager - Manage all email accounts from WHM

Mail Queue Manager - More options for managing WHM's mail queue

Tweaked code to run a bit faster and cleaner

Tweaked Updater and installers

Added some coding in advance for new mirror system

December 11, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.5 Released:

Recoded services section in php. Added IMAP and the ability to restart, stop and start multiple services at once.

Security Tools - Added Mod_evasive for apache 1.3.x and apache 2.x

Install Tools
Exim, Mysql and FTP have been changed. New php coding and now instead of just running there are confirmation pages where it also displays installed version

Imap, reinstall, check version etc
Clean/Reinstall GD Libs
Reinstall/Upgrade Bandmin
Reinstall RRDTools
ClamAV - Check version,update to latest (0.88.6) and update AV definitions

Fix Tools - Added Ability to reset Horde

Misc. Tools - Added ability to list usernames and their user id's, helpful when tracking a process and all you have is the UID

Modded installer to also copy ioncube to the proper cpanel directory if ioncube is installed in php.ini or via WHM.

September 28, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.4 Released:


Misc Tools-

Videotron Forwarder Finder

Mass Actions - Allows you to suspend, unsuspend, terminate or backup multiple accounts.


Browser - Upload, move/copy etc now work.

Create new file or folder now creates in same directory instead of defaulting to root

Shell commander edit config fixed

Themes - Updated to include templates for add packages etc

September 15, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.3 Released:


Interface Change -

allows you to change the main page look for Xtra in case the Jax version doesn't work for you.

Security Tools -

On Guard - Monitors /tmp /var/tmp and a few other directories for hackers scripts

September 12, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.2 Released:


Misc Tools - PHPinfo page for checking your php info
Misc. Tools - FixNDC
Ability to remove multitail and mytop
Multitail Updated to 4.2.0 (remove and reinstall to get new version).

Install Tools - Ruby on Rails and Fastcgi installer.

Multitail, install detection
Watchmysql detection and config edit paths.
Nobody check bad link
Viewlogs now left justified.

September 5, 2006 Jax Edition V 1.1 Released:

Brand new GUI!!! (note some FF and older browsers may not be 100% compatible)


Browser cgi replaced with recoded php version

Security Tools:

Added ConfigServer Firewall

Added Nobody Check security tool

All php files and cgi's tweaked


Billing, MRTG, Support links removed to clean up menu, please use Custom Links instead.

SecureMysql - Removed for now, too risky with all the different mysql, php and cpanel versions

June 27, 2006 V 6.2 Released:

Mini Monitor now has email capability and can be cronned for automatic checking and email you if something goes down.

New Style Selector in the Misc tools section allows you to choost among 5 different color schemes for Xtra.


June 25, 2006 V 6 Released:

Almost a complete rewrite of the coding. Almost all features have been expanded or improved. Half the cgi's have also been recoded in PHP for better speed etc.

Most features now load the results into the same page rather than a new page. This avoids a lot of hitting "back" when you use a feature.

Log Viewer (Viewlogs) - All new version

Completely recoded with a slightly new look and more available logs to check. Lowered default lines to 500 Logs also load in the same page so you don't have to hit back to select another log

- Added under "more logs"-

APF log

BFD log

Boot log

Chkservd log

dmesg log

mysql log

removed (rendered useless since the browser performs the same function much better -

View directory

View file

Security Tools - mostly changes to make things install in the same page rather than having to hit back

RG Security - New version

Changed so you can select multiple things to install/remove at the same time. Avoids the need to install rkhunter, then hit back, install chkrootkit etc. Now you can install/remove them all at once.

Install Tools - Mostly changes to avoid having to hit back after installing something

Theme installer - Modified to put all the themes in one table with only one button needed to install them

Also modified the theme installers so you can also use them to upgrade any skins you have licenses for.

Misc. Tools - again modified to avoid all the "back" button pressing.

Configure links code tweaked and converted to pure php

Package Account recoded as php and tweaked to load in the same page

Shell Commander - Fixed (sorry about that folks)

June 16, 2006 V 5.8 Released:

Numerous code tweaks (to show what's installed and what isn't etc) and improvements

Added - Xtra Themes to have links to the Mini Monitor (view not install) as well as the main menu. Main Menu has a link added for the mini monitor as well.
Note: Even if you have these themes installed you will need to remove them and reinstall them to get the new links

- Custom Links - By popular demand.... now custom links will change to reflect whatever you name them, please use single words only for names,no spaces or special characters or it will break. Will work on that but in the meantime at least the main, custom links and configure links pages will reflect the name you give each custom link.

- Multitail - Updated to 4.0.6 (will need to reinstall it if you want the newest version)

- Kiss - Updated to 2.1 - note this version contains a new config file and it will overwrite your old one. Old one will be moved to kiss.conf.old. Again a reinstall is needed to get this version

New Install Tools:
- Mini Monitor - Basic server monitor which allows monitoring of apache, mysql and ssh on multiple servers - remember to install it first to use it Notes: This is just a basic monitor but will eventually be expanded to have a more userfriendly interface as well as use mysql, and give it the ability to email for down servers/services and checking via cron. For now this is only meant to be used for quick checks on multiple servers via WHM only (also will be modded in future to be displayed publicly if you wish.

- Xtra Themes - From now on the initial Xtra installer will no longer install all the Xtra themes we have. This new installer in the Install Tools section will show you the status of themes (installed or not) and you can then proceed to install/remove them as you please. Note: I did include screenshots for each theme, also did this one in checkbox format so you can install/remove multiple themes at once.

Currently available themes are:

XT1 - Xtra menu at top and completely reorganized menu to make most commenly used features more accessible
X2 - Basic X theme with a menu for Xtra right at the top, rest of the link orders are the same
X3 - Similar to X but with an Xtra menu at the top and all menu's can be collapsed/expanded
7dana - Just a nice look with collapsing menu's
7danaCP - Cpanel theme to accompany the WHM theme.


June 4, 2006 V 5.7 Released:

Changed - Main Menu (cosmetic changes)

Tool Box - Broken up into the following catagories to allow for future expansion

Security Tools - Fixed bug with rg security version checking (vendor moved URLs)

Install Tools - Fixed apache log tail opening issues

Fix Tools - Nothing new added here

Misc Tools - Added the following

Email forwarder finders for AOL, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo

Check Logs - Will check for logs nearing cpanel's 2 GB file limit and warn you

Added links to homepages for APF, BFD, RKhunter etc

Added new announcement system

May 19, 2006 V 5.6.1 Released:

Just some bug fixes :/

May 17, 2006 V 5.6 Released:

New expanded Main Menu with more features within easy reach

New editors sections for APF, BFD, Server files and PRM on the main menu

Tool box additions
Watch Mysql - Monitor and report (and or kill) excess mysql connections
Apache Log Tail - Script to view and search domain logs

Various other tweaks and changes, have to look around to find them all

May 12, 2006 V 5.5 Released:

Auto Installer section removed, not needed with the new cpanel addons section

RG Security Changes:

- Version checking now implemented, will now check installed version versus latest and let you know if you have to upgrade or not on an individual program basis. Note that this may act up if you don't have anything installed yet.

- APF and BFD installers now back up your current config and rules settings and copy them back after upgrades

- Added links to easily get to and edit APF and BFD config settings and various rules options

SIM installer fixed and updated to latest version

Multitail updated to latest version

*new* PRM - Install/remove and configure Process Resource Monitor from RFX Networks

Xtra Options and Main Xtra Page (accessed usually via the addons section) now display your version and check to see if it matches the latest version available and tells you if you need to upgrade or not.

Various tweaks and fixes

Added script for installing the 64 bit loaders for those that need them, simply SSH in and

cd xtradocs

May 3, 2006 V 5.4 Released:

All themes now updated to the newer menus in current cpanel versions

XT2 theme dropped, if anyone still wants it please let us know

March 20, 2006 V 5.3 Released:

Moved all editors from Tool Box to their own section (Editors on the main menus)

Added ability to edit more files such as named.conf, my.cnf, /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf and more

New Licensing system completed

March 15, 2006 V 5.2 Released:

Fixed some bugs with links and missing pages

Added ability to set the SSH message of the day

March 14, 2006 V 5.1 Released:

Added to main section

- Shell Commander

This is the basic version of what will eventually be the new browser. This one just allows the running of basic shell commands and short/small scripts. Can also use search and various other functions and upload/download. Password is required to log in so don't forget to edit the config and change the pass to one you can remember.

Added to Tool Box

- DoS Deflate X
This is a modified version of the original Dos Deflate. Mostly changes to make it installable from WHM. This script is designed to help combat DDOS attacks using IPtables or APF. It will find IP's making too many connections and ban them. Both the # of connections and the ban time are configurable.

- Kiss My Firewall
Again modified to be able to use it via WHM. This is similar to APF but requires less configuration than APF. IPtables is required. Note that the changes needed to work on cpanel servers have already been made.

Added to Xtra Options

- Ability to submit a support request to us

- Ability to submit feedback and feature requests (please use this to help us continue to improve and expand Xtra)

October 25, 2005 V 5.0 Released:

Update Xtra link renamed to Xtra Options (see below section)
Update License link moved to Xtra Options section (only applies to themes with an Xtra menu at the top, main menu still has the link)

Xtra Options
- Upgrade Xtra
New in 5.0 is version checking. Rather than just upgrading it now checks your version against the latest version and upgrades only if there is a new version.

- Force upgrade
Needed as version checking will not upgrade to the same version but sometimes people may need to re-install the existing version files.

- Update License
Moved it here to get it off the main menu as it's usually only used once after initial install so just taking up space.

- View Online Documentation (new!) New online docs are complete. Explains some of Xtra's features in more detail etc.

New Section.... Services

This section will allow you to stop, start and restart a bunch of services, sometimes handy if trying to lower server load etc.

Note: If you want to disable a service for an extended amount of time you must stop chkservd first or it will restart the down service

Also new is service reporting, this is located on the Services page below the main menu, will report the current status of services

Note: Mysql is not on this nor is apache, may be added in future if I can find a decent way to make it work how I want it to.

Lastly: Also in the services section... Pure-ftpd service reporting, in detail. Not only will this report the status of pure-ftpd
but will also list any current FTP connections, including username logged in, files in transfer, status of connection, PID, time connected,
remote host ID (IP), file size and IP connected to

October 14, 2005 V 4.9 Released:

Removed Rvskin admin link, they have their own addon cgi now

Moved Xtra cgi scripts to their own directory to minimize chances of messing up cpanels

All cgi's now have permission checks so non root users cannot call and use the cgi's by name.

All known bugs fixed.

- Restart Eximstats
- more options for navigation
- Secure Mysql (added to tool box)
- Ability to uninstall APF, BFD, RKhunter and chkrootkit (added to RG Security)

October 8, 2005 V 4.8 Released:

- All known bugs fixed, please let us know if you find anymore.

- X2 theme released, basically it's the old X theme with the Xtra menu at the top but no rearranged menus. This now makes 5 WHM themes included with Xtra at no... erm... Xtra charge :P

- Truckload of code cleanups to remove junk from the cgi's that is no longer used with the porting to php.

- Added lots of back buttons where needed

- Replaced some back buttons with a meta redirect to save a few clicks here and there with some features

- Replaced all the Xtra addons with a single CGI that takes you to the main WHM Xtra and also has some quicklinks for most used features to make for less clutter in the Addon cgi's bit in all themes.

- Added links for restarting chkservd and re-added the new APF restart link

- Updated some older scripts like fixeverything and quick secure for better formatting and performance.

- Added ability to also remove cron jobs for RKhunter and CHKrootkit after setting them and a refresh to avoid clicking back.

- Pre-added some code for new licensing. We'll be testing this later this month. Changes needed to support the DC's mass licensing Xtra for their clients (and therefore need the ability to add their own IP's without having to ask us to).

September 26, 2005 V 4.5 released:

- Minor bug fixes with 7dana and some back buttons

- All new look!!! Xtra Theme now has an entirely new look as does most of Xtra.

- New Theme: Xtra2 is now included, basically it's Xtra_theme but with a javascript fold down menu for easy access, not done yet but it works, will be improved with time. This now makes 4 themes distributed with Xtra.

- Not a lot of new features per se, mostly upgrades and improvements on the existing ones, well worth a look through all the features.

- Added an uninstaller... this can be run from /root/xtradocs with the command "sh" (sans quotes of course). Please note this will remove Xtra entirely, included all supported themes and default you back to the standard X theme. This is not reversable, if you remove Xtra you will need to reinstall from scratch and reset all your custom links. Will add the uninstaller to a web interface in the next version.

All comments and suggestions are welcome (send to

September 8, 2005 V 4.0 released:

Removed: Fantastico and Cpanel XP installers and links. Both companies now have their own addon cgi's for install etc.

Added: Scripts to reinstall/upgrade Exim, FTP and mySQL

Updated: X3 theme so it can be included again. Also modded the IP/bandwidth/ link so logging in is no longer needed to load the pages.

Moved: Upgrade Xtra link is now back on main menu.

Fixed: Some minor permissions glitches with the addon cgi sections.

September 6, 2005 V 3.5 released:

Removed: Fantastico installer, they have their own now for those that need to install fantastico.

Upgraded: Log Viewer, now searches /home2 if you have one instead of just /home

Changed: Tool Box menu, slightly new layout


- Now compatible with any theme, no modifications required, it will simply show up on WHM's Addons menu in any theme.
- Modded 7dana theme to have all menus (although not in alphabetical order)
- xtra_theme WHM theme with original Xtra menu at the top and reordered menu listings

1. You should edit /scripts/postupcp file and remove any lines regarding Xtra as they are no longer needed

2. If opening billing, support etc links from the Addon menu link to them you should right click and open in a new window Reason being that most php helpdesks/billing centers won't allow logins if the page is called into a frame. Unfortunately this cannot be done automatically as it does on it's own menu in Xtra_theme as cgi tends to ignore commands to open in a new window.

August 31, 2005 V 3.1 released:

Removed: Cpanel XP Evolution installer, install method keeps changing, no time to keep up with it.

Fixed: Fantastico username input bug (displayed browse button that wasn't needed)

Upgraded: Multitail to latest version

Improved: Condensed Tool Box page to avoid scrolling


- System Integrity Monitor, install, upgrade, configure etc et
- Package/Unpackage an account. Make a cpmove tar file or restore one.
- Editors for httpd.conf, php.ini and SIM config

August 28, 2005 V 3.0 released (2.6-2.9 were internal releases):


- CpanelXP 2004 installer updated to CpanelXP Evolution (license required)
- Menu redone in alphabetical order
- Edit APF Main Config feature in the Tool Box now fully functional


- Browser: Lets you do the following:
- Browse files and folders anywhere on the server
- Rename Files
- Edit files
- Copy and Paste files
- Move Files
- Delete Files
- View Files in a browser window
- Change ownership of files
- Change file permissions
- Create new files and folders
- Upload files
- Download files

- Fantastico installer is back. Now also auto configures the Admin link on the Xtra menu after install. License Required - Auto Installer. Install or Upgrade Auto Installer from Includes 70+ scripts you can install with a few simple clicks in your cpanel. License Required

July 17, 2005 V 2.5 released (2.1-2.4 were internal releases):


7dana and xmodified themes: makers encoded or dropped support for them, we'll have our own ready soon enough to replace them

- Option to restart menu to restart chkservd (which controls WHM's service status page)
- Changed menu back to old style by popular demand
- Added Chkrootkit and Libsafe to RG Security

Added to tool box menu:
- Option to run chkrootkit
- Option to set cron jobs for rkhunter and chkrootkit and have them emailed to you daily
- Option to run chkrootkit manually
- Fix RNDC
- Reinstall/upgrade Exim
- Install Multitail
- Install Mytop

June 23, 2005 v 2.0 released: 1.6 through 1.9 were internal releases

Full Licensing now in effect


- APF, BFD and RKhunter installs (see below)
- IP blocker (see below)
- nc type pages for links that weren't configured. People will just get nothing if a link is not configured.
- phpbb checker. Not up to date and not really needed anymore so not worth updating.
- old files have been cleaned up and/or removed
- Fantastico installer. Will return but needs more work and not ready yet.
- Removed support for Trueblue and Canarias. Nobody using them (if you are and you want it let me know and I'll put it back).


- APF, BFD and RKhunter now installed using RG Security. This new script will check for installed versions and either install/update as needed.
- Menu changed. Now just 3 main links. Links (where all the links have moved to) and Tool Box (both encrypted) and Update License.
- Links now has the ability to add up to 5 custom links of your own choosing. Also a link beside them all to configure them.
- No configure link for cpanelxp as that is predefined by it's very nature.
- Also future updates will no longer overwrite links that are already set up.
- New configure links setup. Also accessible from the tool box as usual.

Everything else moved to the Tool Box Menu


- Nice layout :)
- As mentioned... RG security
- 3 new options to edit APF's Deny, Allow and main configurations. Courtesy of Rich Gannon (the RG security guy)
- New update routines. Please don't use for now till fully tested

- New postupcp routine to restore Xtra after cpanel updates.
- Xdrop theme now renamed to X3
- New included WHM and Cpanel Theme: 7dana courtesy of (WHM has Xtra built in this version).

April 8, 2005 v 1.5 released:

Full licensing delayed again, the licensing works but the decoding doesn't so no point till I beat that issue. Still some really nice new things in version 1.5 :)

- View Logs and Delete logs now have WHM color and formatting. Looks much nicer don't ya think?

- View Logs has some new additions.... View domain logs and view RKhunter logs. Some minor tweaks as well to search for more illegal stuff etc.

Added links for running RootKit Hunter and logging into CPanelXP 2004 admin panels.

- Tool box, new features:

1. Install Advanced Policy Firewall. Installs a default config for cpanel servers. Gamers etc will still need to open ports for what they need. All users will need to also edit /etc/apf/conf.apf and switch dev mode to 0. Not 100% guaranteed to work with all servers. If you lose contact after installing, wait 5 minutes then SSH in and type

service apf stop

if you cannot get in after 5 minutes have the datacenter do it. Then adjust the config or remove with

rm -rf /etc/apf
rm -rf /etc/rc.d/init.d/apf

Again, should work with most cpanel servers but I make no guarantees.

2. Install Brute Force Detection. Works with APF above to block IP's who repeatedly try and fail to access the server.

3. Install Rootkit Hunter. Can be installed and run via WHM. Logs viewable with the log viewer.

4. Block IP's now Block/Unblock IP's. Will use IP tables now to block or unblock IP's and ranges from the server.

5. Secure it and Secure tmp also tweaked for more hardening of /tmp /var/tmp and /dev/shm

6. Install CPanelXP 2004. More info at Requires a license to use.

- New Restart Feature!!! There is now a link on the restart menu to restart APF from WHM rather than via SSH.

February 7, 2005 v 1.4 released:

I've delayed some of the major improvements, new stuff and full licensing till 1.5 due to some bugs in the system for that. But I did make some major changes and additions to this version.

Gave WHM color scheme to most scripts

Viewlogs now gives the option to do custom searches

Added billing link.

*Brand New* The Tool Box!!!

Moved a few scripts to the Tool Box and added a bunch more scripts. New stuff includes:

- Fixeverything - Fixes quotas, permission and mail problems and some other things.

- Secure tmp - Modified version of cpanels securetmp script.

- Secure It - Runs two modified cpanel scripts to shut down some unneeded services etc and make things a bit more secure.

- Modified Generate 404's - Can now make a page and save it from the script itself.

- Remove old backups - WHM never deletes old backups of accounts no longer on the server, this will do it for you.

- Fix Dual Horde Inboxes - Sometimes Horde ends up with two inboxes, this'll copy them into one and then delete the extra

- Block IP address - Will block an IP or range of IP's using /etc/hosts.deny. At this time you can only add IP's. To
remove IP's you'll need to manually edit /etc/hosts.deny to remove them.

- Configure Links - By popular demand I've added a web interface for configuring the Fantastico, RVSkin, billing, support
and MRTG links from WHM rather than having to do this via SSH.

- Disable/Enable wget/lynx - Most exploits get on a server by using wget with an insecure php script on the server to get the exploit from another server. This will allow you to turn WGET and LYNX on and off. Note that turning them off will interfere with users that have cron jobs set. You'll also need to re-enable them if upgrading anything on your server.

- Install Fantastico - Will do the basic Fantastico install in the user directory you select and create the sym links in all cpanel themes as well as themse from and Xcontroller. Wont' do RVSkins yet. Note that you'll still need to log into the users control panel (in a new window) to finish the install and set up the feature list etc. You'll also need a valid Fantastico license to install it.

January 27, 2005 v1.3 released:

Viewlogs:Added ability to view files in the /tmp directory

Added ability to update the servers databases, this is not a toy and will crank up your server load for a bit so don't run if it's already under a load. A note about this. The user logs are generated using the server databases so if you see a file and remove it the log viewer will still see it as there because the server updates it's databases only once a day.This gives you the option to update the databases manually to get the latest real results if you need or want them.Will also take a few minutes to run, exact time depends on what you have on your server and when updatedb last ran

Added ability to view any directory on the server. Simply select that option, enter the path to the directory in the box and click Generate

Added ability to view the contents of any file on the server. Select that option, enter the path to the file, including the file name and if applicable the extension and click generate. For large files you may need to increase the # of lines to display

Generate 404's:

Added ability to choose between html, shtml or a custom file to use when generating 404 error pages.

Added ability to tell the program what the path to your custom file is

(WARNING: Cannot be in a web path eg /home/user/www/404.html).

Move file out of web directory first or the program will hang when it gets to that directory)

Added ability to force an overwrite (for those that used this program already the 404's were just empty files, this will allow you to overwrite those files with a custom 404 page we've included or your own 404 file) Note that this will overwrite all users 404 files so be sure you want to do this before selecting this option. If you don't have a custom 404 you can still overwrite using the default file we've included. Simply put


as the path to the file. This will then use our default file. If you choose to use the shtml force overwrite option the program will change the extension to shtml when it places the file.

New Feature - added a link you can use to get to your RV Skin admin account. Just edit /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/dialogs/rvadmin and change &qcan use to get to your RV Skin admin account. Just edit /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/dialogs/rvadmin and change "user" to your rvskin admin user account and off you go.