Misc. License Errors

1. Another often overlooked issue that can cause license errors is older version of Xtra, CPX or the Pro Suite. For instance our new client software uses a new license URL so if you already have Xtra installed and you reissue your license you must also run the installer again to update your version to use the new license URL.

2. Also ensure you have installed the correct version of the program.

If your license key begins with "XTR" you should run the Xtra install command only.

If your license key begins with "CPX" you should run the CPX installer only.

If your license key begins with "PRO" or "XPRO" you should run the Pro Suite installer only.

Many times license issues can be resolved by simply reading the instructions fully and installing the proper version, many times we have seen people install the wrong version for their license just because they ran the first install command they saw and did not bother to read what version of the program it was for or read further to get the proper install command.

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