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Main Page

The main page of Xtra contains shortcuts to a lot of the most used features (configurable) as well as the custom links section, version info for Xtra (and CPX if installed) as well as the style selector. To select your style simply click one of the colors listed between the main menu and the shortcuts section. After a brief 1 second delay Xtra will change to your chosen color scheme. This feature is cookie based so as long as you don't delete your cookies it will automatically remember your preferred color selection the next time you log in.

Custom Links

The main page of Xtra also contains the custom links section. These links can be set to go pretty much anywhere you want, set shortcuts to your own billing center or helpdesk, or your favourite sites or even the cpanels for your own domains on the server. You can set them to go pretty much anywhere. After setting your custom links a simple click on the link will open your chosen URL in a new window for browsing.

To set a custom link you need only click on "Configure" on the main Xtra page Custom Links area. From there simply select the radio button for the link you wish to configure, then enter a name for the link and finally enter the URL you wish the link to go to. Then it's just a matter of clicking the submit button and Xtra will automatically update the links section to reflect the changes.

Quick Links

The main page of Xtra also contains Quick Links. These are shortcuts to some of the features you are likely to use regularly in Xtra and can be hidden/shown by clicking the Configure button in the Quick Links area. From there you can select/deselect which links to show and save them. Upon save the main page of Xtra will change to reflect your choices. Next time you go back to configure it will automatically select the option you previously chose and deselect ones you opted to hide (so you can easily identify which links you had previously chosen to hide).


With a program that has as many features as Xtra it can sometimes be difficult to remember where everything is or find it. The search bar is located at the top right on almost every page and allows you to quickly find relevent scripts/tools in Xtra without having to look at each and every menu. Simply type what you are looking for into the search box and click the button, you will then be given a list of features that match what you are looking for. From there click on the link you want to go straight to the feature.


The settings tab is at the top right hand side of most pages in Xtra and allows you to do a number of things. This includes checking the latest Xtra news, updating your license key, upgrading Xtra, accessing support, setting your root mysql password, change the default language and a control panel (which will be discussed below). Most of the options are straightforward.

The control panel on the settings tab allows you to add some of Xtra's features to the WHM Plugins section for even easier access. Please note that some options (eg cpanel xtra, megastats, apf central) require you to install them from that scripts section before you can add them to the plugins area.