Whmxtra v7.8 Released

New – LMD Central. Access from the LMD page in Whmxtra and there’s a WHM plugin link that can be activated from the Manage LMD section of LMD Central. This is a brand new LMD interface we’ve coded to provide more options for configuring and using Linux Malware Detect.

Renamed Misc >> View logs to Ultimate Logs and fixed broken shortcut on main Whmxtra page.

Updated – Modified Ultimate Logs to use css instead of iframes, increased result text size, reduced # of files by half and made some interface tweaks and improvements.

Updated APF, BFD, LMD, Linux Socket Monitor, Process Resource Monitor, System Integrity Monitor and VNStat to latest versions.

Added – custom file and folder search options to find shell scripts

Squashed bugs below:

Mega Monitor add server function

Sysnotes 2.0

Varnish installer

Fixed broken mail manager removal

Fixed broken Easy Logs link in the search results

Fixed broken ssh rootkit test

Fixed broken whois lookup

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