About Us

WHMXtra started out in 2004 as a small addon program for WHM intended for a few small companies in order to reduce techs time spent on fixing common errors and to install basic security software. In 2005 Xtra was purchased by CPSkins and released to the public.Over the last 6 years the program has been expanded to include over 160+ features. Many datacenters already offer Xtra as standard with their packages, and many more individuals have found Xtra to be an invaluable tool.

Our flagship program, Xtra, offers individuals, datacenters and server/VPS resellers unparalleled features that they can use themselves or pass on to their techs and/or customers. Freeing up tons of time and avoiding the need for SSH terminal access in most cases. Our Cpanel Xtra plugin adds even more features to the cPanel frontend again allowing customers to do many common things on their own without the need for contacting tech support or waiting.