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cPanel Xtra (CPX) Admin

CPanel Xtra is an add on module for your users cPanel accounts that adds some much needed features to cpanel. All features can be enabled or disabled via the admin interface. After install you can access the admin end from the Misc Menu. You can also access from the WHM Plugins section or the main Xtra header menu (after you refresh the window).

cPanel Xtra Feature Manager

This area is used to control which CPX features your clients can see and use in cPanel itself. Anything you choose to hide here will be disabled and hidden from your customers view.

cPanel Xtra Setup

Adjust CPanel Xtra setup using this page. Here you can turn on the CPX addon cgi (which will place a shortcut to CPanel Xtra in your WHM plugins menu) and also enable CPanel Xtras SuPHP mode which will adjust the scripts to work better if you have SuPHP enabled on your server (some CPX scripts such as installers and safe mode require different permissions and files under suphp mode).

Accessing cPanel Xtra (CPX)

cPanel Xtra can be accessed in a clients cPanel interface by clicking on the Xtra icon on the Advanced menu area.