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Install firewalls, ddos protection, FFMPEG, and many more things. Everything in Xtra is designed to save you time and money when it comes to securing, repairing and managing your server!

Change Log for WHMXtra Ultimate Pro

For the full changelog of all older versions please Click Here. For a printer friendly version of the recent change log below please Click Here

September 13th, 2015 - WHMXtra v7.0 Released!

New! – Plugins >> Misc. >> SRBL Check. Similar to our own RBL check (checks IP’s for blacklisting) but more advanced with more features and configurable.

Updated Lynis to latest version. Note: Read the red box on the Lynis page for how to run the new version, we had to make a few changes in order to make it run properly in a WHM environment.

Fixed wrong text on MegaStats install page.

Fixed broken varnish installer code.

Added pre coding for some upcoming new features.

April 26th, 2015 - WHMXtra v6.9 Released!

New – Added rc.local to Editors section

New – Added option to search home2 home3 and home4 to Large File Search

New Cpanel Xtra Plugin! – Added Linux Malware Detect for users to scan their own files for malware. Note you may need to remove and reinstall Cpanel Xtra in order to access the new feature and apply the below fix.

Fixed- Missing functions file that prevented some CPX features from working

Updated search files to point to new Mega Monitor instead of the old one.

Added support for Cpanel Xtra plugin to work in Paper Lantern theme

March 29th, 2015 - WHMXtra v6.8 Released!

Minor bug fixes.

New Mega Monitor 2.0 – replaced broken Mega Monitor with a completely recoded version. More flexible than our original and no longer depends on MySQL to function.

New Cpanel Xtra Plugin! – Updated theme to match current Xtra version, removed old defunct and insecure features, recoded the rest to update them, added precoding for more new features being added shortly and also changed My Processes to no longer need a tmp file for storing data (which sometimes led to users getting wrong data).

February 10th, 2015 - WHMXtra v6.7 Released!

New – Xtra >> Plugins >> WHMXtra >> Varnish. Install and remove Varnish Cache server (Apache only, nginx support will be added soon).

New – Varnish Manager. Restart Varnish, edit config etc. Can be accessed via a link in the plugins section of Xtra and on same page can also activate a direct link for WHM’s Plugins section for easier access. This section will be expanded in the future to add more features etc.

January 28th, 2015 - WHMXtra v6.6 Released (new ffmpeg 2.5.3 installer!)

New – FFMPEG 2.5.3 installer with ffmpeg-php 0.7.1 (64 bit centos 6.x with or without Cloud Linux only).

New – Repairs >> Misc >> Empty Mail Trash – Clean spam/trash older than 15 days

Fixed Logview installer and updated CSF scripts for new download URLS

Added precoding for new mega monitor and upcoming features

October 12th, 2014 - WHMXtra v6.5 Released!

Updated CHKRootkit Hunter to latest version.

Fixed RKHunter installer and updated to latest version.

Optimized and recoded Repair Missing Database tool.

Added pagespeed.conf to editors section by request.

Fixed broken WHMSonic installer.

Added home3 to illegal file search for those that have one.

New Language! – Added Simplified Chinese translation.

Added precoding for upcoming sub reseller module and other new features.

May 4th, 2014 - WHMXtra v6.4 Released!

SECURITY ADVISORY!!!! The 3rd party plugin “Apache Booster” has been determined to be very insecure and should be removed from any server running this. As such we have disabled the ability to install this plugin and left only the removal option which we urge all users of Apache Booster to use for security reasons.

Fixed missing text on a bunch of pages

Updated mysql performance aka mysqltuner to version 1.3.0

Fixed mysql watch installer and added check for DBD::mysql which is required for the daemon to run. You may need to remove and reinstall if you have issues with the daemon not starting.Fixed clean backups installer

Updated Security >> Files/Folders >> User Error Logs to show log sizes on main report window for quicker checking on whether the logs need to be deleted due to being large.

Updated multitail to version 6.2.1 (remove and reinstall to upgrade)

Improved Repairs >> Misc Fixes >> Clean tmp to add an option for selecting files/folders individually for deletion rather than the normal delete all that clean tmp usually uses.

Improved Misc >> Space >> True Space to allow more detailed scans of single and multiple accounts with a report that is saved for later viewing. Helpful for finding large user files or figuring out where all their space is being used.

Added Repairs >> User Fixes >> Large File Search for fairly quick scans of home or home2 in order to find out which users might have larger than normal files eating up space (eg logs, multiple old backups etc).

Added Security >> Rootkit Hunters >> SSH Rootkit Test to do simple quick tests of commonly exploited binaries like ssh and KeyUtils libraries as well as test for the illegal -G option and an additional test to scan for possibly infected SUID binaries.

April 4th, 2014 - WHMXtra v6.3 Released!

New feature: By user request we’ve added Security >> Files/Folders >> User Error Logs

This feature will find error logs taking up space on users accounts and create a report with the size of the error logs so you can determine if they need to be removed or not. Feature can also find and remove them for you and of course the option to scan multiple users is there as well as scanning and scanning/fixing per account.

Added (again by user request) Portuguese/Brazilian language support (language can be set from the settings menu, more languages coming soon in addition to English, French and the above.

April 3rd, 2014 - WHMXtra v6.2 Released!

Minor update to replace some missing text from a few pages and prepare for the addition of more languages and features coming shortly.

March 20th, 2014 - WHMXtra v6.1 Released!

Fixed missing menu items

Overhauled the entire language system

Updated French and English translations. Note if you have any errors just switch your language to another and then switch back

Added precoding for more languages being released soon

For mobile users and people with small screens that have trouble with our normal menu’s we’ve made the menu titles clickable and each will take you to a page with a full listing of links to all features on that menu.




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