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Ultimate Pro Suite Misc Tools

This section of Xtra contains scripts/tools that don’t fall directly into one of the other catagories. These tools range from server monitors, create multiple (mass) accounts, view/delete various server logs, search for illegal files, backup/retore multiple accounts and checking memory usage by user/process and a lot more.

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Forwarder Finders

  • Email forwarded from the server to a free email account can cause your server to be labelled as a spammer or spam relayer. This happens because even spam is forwarded to the free email address, thus tripping the providers spam filters. When it looks at the header it will see your servername as the sender or forwarder and block it
  • Lookup forwarders to 6 of the most popular free email services or look up all forwarders





"This new feature with all of its glory is a phenomenal buy. The software firewall and hacker prevention/detection system alone makes this ideal. And who can argue that additional protection is never necessary?"

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