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WHMXtra Plugins

The WHMXtra section of the plugins area in Xtra contains more advanced features not covered in the other sections of Xtra, most of which can also be placed in your WHM Plugins area for even easier access!

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Sys Notes

  • Allows server admins/techs to make notes regarding work done on servers so the next tech to log in can refer to those notes and find out what work was previously done. Multiple techs/servers can be added, older notes can be archived and viewed when wished. Newer notes are visible right away. Predefined entries can be configured and used as well. Also a ticket ID field for referring to a specific helpdesk ticket etc





"This new feature with all of its glory is a phenomenal buy. The software firewall and hacker prevention/detection system alone makes this ideal. And who can argue that additional protection is never necessary?"

- SingleHop -