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Ultimate Pro Suite Install Tools

This section of Xtra contains scripts and tools for installing everything from FFMPEG to GeoIP, network monitors and even reintalling mysql/php etc. Note: Firewalls etc are on the security menu.

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  • FFMPEG along with FFMPEG-PHP and other modules are a popular method of streaming audio and video over the internet. Sites such as youtube use this software to provide service to millions of internet users. This script will install that software (along with 23 more related modules)
  • 32 and 64 bit installers are included
  • Includes our custom AV Central script to allow you to covert audio and video right from WHM itself





"This new feature with all of its glory is a phenomenal buy. The software firewall and hacker prevention/detection system alone makes this ideal. And who can argue that additional protection is never necessary?"

- SingleHop -