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Ultimate Pro Suite Install Tools

This section of Xtra contains scripts and tools for installing everything from FFMPEG to GeoIP, network monitors and even reintalling mysql/php etc. Note: Firewalls etc are on the security menu.

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VN Monitor

  • This allows the installation, usage and management of the VN Stat Network Monitor, which monitors bandwidth usage in real time and also stores stats for each day, hour, month, year etc depending on how long it’s been running
  • Can be run via ssh with the command “vnstat”
  • Includes two web based scripts for monitoring and viewing usage. The first is the popular PHP Frontend for VN stats and the second is a stats cgi provided by the author of VN stat monitor itself
  • Provided are 32 bit versions of the program as well as a version for 64 bit servers and FreeBSD





"This new feature with all of its glory is a phenomenal buy. The software firewall and hacker prevention/detection system alone makes this ideal. And who can argue that additional protection is never necessary?"

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