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Check CPanel RPMs

This script check all cpanel managed RPM's and reinstall any needed.


This script will allow the user to scan the server, accounts and mail for viruses or malicious files. Creates a report that can be viewed later.


This script will allow to to install and or remove Zend Optimizer and Ioncube on your server. Zend is used to help speed up php pages and Ioncube is used to decrypt some 3rd party scripts that are encoded with Ioncube (such as this one).


This script will reinstall or upgrade perl on your server.

GD Libs

This script will upgrade or reinstall both GD Libs 1 and 2 which are used by many photo galleries and other image related software.

Image Magick

As with GD Libs Image Magick is used by many image related software scripts. This script will allow you to reinstall/upgrade ImageMagick safely.

Upgrade / Reinstall PHP

This script will allow you to upgrade or recompile PHP to the latest version based on the settings last used when Easyapache ran. There are no options to change the configuration but for quick upgrades and recompiles where you don't need to make changes it's both faster and less work than logging in via ssh or recompiling via easyapache from scratch.

Mail Manager

This script actually allows you to install and remove two handy scripts from the boys over at The first is Mail Manager which allows you to manage users mail accounts without having to log into their cpanel to do it. The second script, Mail Queue Manager provides additional options for controlling and managing WHM's mail queue. Once installed both scripts are accessed via WHM's Plugins section. We provide only the means to quickly install or remove them.

Virtual Network Monitor

This allows the installation, usage and management of the VN Stat Network Monitor, which monitors bandwidth usage in real time and also stores stats for each day, hour, month, year etc depending on how long it's been running. Can be run via ssh with the command "vnstat" but there are also two web based scripts provided for monitoring and viewing usage. The first is the popular PHP Frontend for VN stats as seen below and the second is a beta stats cgi provided by the author of VN stat monitor that provides similar data (can also be viewed below).

After installation of the program and or frontend interfaces it takes approximately 5 minutes before any data can be shown.


FFMPEG along with FFMPEG-PHP and other modules are a popular method of streaming audio and video over the internet. Sites such as youtube use this software to provide service to millions of internet users. This script will install that software (along with other software that can be viewed in the screenshot below, about 23 different modules). Note that we cannot guarantee this installer will work on every server. 32 and 64 bit installers are included as well as our custom AV Central script to allow you to covert audio and video right from WHM itself.

Yum Updater

This script allows you to install or upgrade various packages with yum. Normally done via command line you can also upgrade all relevent server software with this script, without the need for using ssh.

Apache Log Tail

This feature allows you to view logs for various domains in a handy visual interface. Also allows you to tail and grep these logs.


MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your console.


My Top is a MySQL monitor to check for abusive users. Use via SSH by simply typing mytop or use our handy web interface. Web interface refreshes every 5 seconds with updated results. Note to use the web interface you should use the set mysql password feature on the settings tab.

GeoIP Lite

Mod_geoip looks up the IP address of the client end user and maps it to the country of origin. This is the free GeoIP Lite version.