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Reseller UI - NEW

Gives resellers access to Xtra's reseller UI. Current features include copying their own accounts from to/from another server without account or root pass, scanning their account with LMD (if installed), making and restoring their own backups (stored on their account), restoring from server backups (only sites they own), and creating multiple accounts.

Root can decide which resellers have access and which features resellers will have (via multiple ACL system). After install please refresh your browser window, click on Xtra Reseller UI in WHM plugins area. Root will have a settings menu, please click the instructions link first and read them carefully in order to learn how to set up resellers, acl's etc.

Easy Logs - NEW

A quick and simple way to view the last 20 lines of the most important server logs without having to set anything or do anything fancy. A handy simplified version of our more advanced View Logs feature.

cPanel Xtra (CPX) Admin

CPanel Xtra is an add on module for your users cPanel accounts that adds some much needed features to cpanel. All features can be enabled or disabled via the admin interface. After install you can access the admin end from the Misc Menu. You can also access from the WHM Plugins section or the main Xtra header menu (after you refresh the window).

Feature Manager

This area is used to control which CPX features your clients can see and use in cPanel itself. Anything you choose to hide here will be disabled and hidden from your customers view.


Adjust CPanel Xtra setup using this page. Here you can turn on the CPX addon cgi (which will place a shortcut to CPanel Xtra in your WHM plugins menu) and also enable CPanel Xtras SuPHP mode which will adjust the scripts to work better if you have SuPHP enabled on your server (some CPX scripts such as installers and safe mode require different permissions and files under suphp mode).

cPanel Xtra Features

Features include: Optimize/Repair MySQL, Block Proxies, Block Harvesters Directory Indexing, Insecure Files/Folders, Register Globals, Safe Mode, Browser, Folder Backup, SEO Report, Traceroute, View Logs, My Processes, Whois Lookup, Domain Checker

Load/Bandwidth Monitor

This handy little tool tracks and reports load averages, memory usage and incoming/outgoing bandwidth. Activating the plugin will install a cron job that runs for 1 second every 6 minutes to gather stats. It will add no load to your server or use any resources as it's very lightweight. After activating please allow at least 20 minutes for it to generate proper stats.


Server status reporter, including top, mytop, vnstats, tmp files, netstats and more. Configurable via the control panel to be accessible from the WHM Plugins area for easy access.

Switch It

Switch It is a program designed by us here at WHM Xtra to allow cpanel users to change their theme without an admin having to do it via WHM. Currently only resellers and root have that ability so we took it a step further to provide a means for regular users to do so as well.


This plugin doesn't require installation. SysNotes allows server admins/techs to make notes regarding work done on servers so the next tech to log in can refer to those notes and find out what work was previously done. Multiple techs/servers can be added, older notes can be archived and viewed when wished. Newer notes are visible right away. Predefined entries can be configured and used as well. Also a ticket ID field for referring to a specific helpdesk ticket etc. This feature can also be added to the WHM Plugins section via the Settings >> Control Panel link.

User Process Limiter

Limit the # of processes a user can run on the server. Useful if you have a problem user taking over your server resources.

Remote Control

Several features that can be accessed outside of WHM via secure login, including phpinfo and Apache/PHP security test.