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Ram Reset

Empty non essential cached data from memory (ram) without rebooting.

Clear Swap File

Empty non essential cached data to clear the swap file without rebooting.

Find Large Files

Find large files such as logs or old backups etc that might be eating up users space.

Account Fixes

This feature allows you to fix quotas on your server accounts as well as fix home permissions and run cpanels "fixeverything" script which normally can only be run via ssh. It is not recommended to run more than one of these at a time and to allow the script to finish before closing the window it is running in.

Horde Fix

This feature will fix most common issues with horde. No emails or accounts will be lost.

cPanel PHP

This script will rebuild cPanels internal php (note this is the php cPanel and WHM use, not the one websites use).

cPanel Users

This script rebuild cpanels users file and is helpful if cpanel does not pick up (or loses) an existing user account.


This script will fix rndc and ndc connect errors. Can happen with bind if named.conf is not properly in sync with the rndc connect keys.

Rebuild Valiases

This script will rebuild the /etc/valiases file used to store account info and other cpanel account related data.

Named Fixes

This script will let you rebuild either the /etc/named.conf file or the NSD zones (depending on whether you use NSD or BIND as a nameserver). This is useful to repair corruption that can sometimes happen or missing accounts.

Clean Mail Queue

This script will let you set a cron job to delete your mail queue every X minutes. Very handy if your servers mail queue usually has a lot of junk in it that you need cleaned out.

Clean /tmp

Sometimes servers can have a lot of tmp files and if tmp gets filled it stops a lot of things from working. This handy little script will empty out all non essential /tmp files for you in a matter of seconds.

File Repair Utility

Sometimes files on a server may seem to be corrupted or broken. This can happen a lot with ini files or conf files. The thing is, they are really broken. They have more than likely been accidently saved in pc format instead of linux. This little utility will repair those files to their proper state. Simply enter the path and file name and click the button, like magic, the file is fixed.

MySQL Mass Database Repair

Once in awhile mysql needs optimizing or some repairs. Fine, cPanel can do that. But what if you have a lot of databases to deal with? This little tool allows you to optimize and repair all databases and tables all at once. Simply punch in your mysql root pass (if you don't know it you can set it on the Settings tab in Xtra or via WHM's mysql section), click the button. And a new window will open and start processing all databases and tables. This can be very quick if there's a lot of small databases but will take a few minutes if you have a bunch of large databases on your server.

Fopen on/off

Allows you to turn fopen on and off in your cPanel internal php.ini. Most of the time you shouldn't need this but for the odd time you might we added it.


Once in awhile root ssh can become corrupted and prevent ssh login even though you want to connect. This tool will repair your ssh config and settings so you can log in again.

Repair Missing Databases

If you've ever logged into your cPanel and found all your databases and users are gone you know you'll love this handy little tool. One simple click and it will restore all your databases and users to your accounts so they can be seen and accessed again. This will also fix any issues with being able to create/edit/delete mysql users in cPanel.