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Illegal File Search - NEW!

Find illegal files like torrents, MP3's, movies, programs etc that users may be hosting illegally.

Nagios - NEW!

Install Nagios server and network montior.

Load History - NEW!

View load history per user, similar to daily cpu usage but updated with current info.

Clone Config - NEW!

Clone various cpanel and server config files such as packages, feature lists, ACL lists etc and restore them on another server to speed up configuration and deployment of servers.

RBL Check - NEW!

Checks an IP to see if it is blacklisted. This script replaces the defunct Nicks RBL Checker we used to offer as a plugin.

Domain Resource Usage - NEW!

Get resource usage of a specific user or all users.

SPF Records - NEW!

Add spf records for users.

Domain Keys - NEW!

Add domain key entries for users.

Run User Logs - NEW!

Run logs for a user.

Run Web Logs - NEW!

Run web stats for a user.

Download Backups - NEW!

Download files from your backup drive.

View Logs

View and search various server and domain logs and run custom searches. Also has premade searches to help you find illegal files on your server, from MP3's to tar and zip files and even searches for torrent files. Results can be downloaded to your computer as well as viewed online.

Delete Logs

Delete big server logs with this feature, can either delete outright or make a compressed backup of the existing file and start a new one.

View Bandmin

Bandmin is what logs bandwidth usage on the server. There is a frontend interface for this but it's not easy to get to usually and as such is rarely used by those using WHM. This feature will load the bandmin frontend for your viewing right into Xtra so you can see how much bandwidth your server and clients have been using lately.

Check Logs

Will check and advise you if any logs are nearing the 2 GB file size limit for logs. Once these logs hit that size they will stop recording data and can cause other services not to function.

PHP Info

Surprisingly not that many people are aware of how to use this simple effective tool to check their php info and loaded/compiled in modules. This little script will show you your current php setup.

PHP Modules

List loaded PHP Modules.

System Benchmark

System benchmarking tool.

Memory Usage

A handy "top" like tool to display memory usage, useful when trying to figure out what or who is using all the ram on your system.

Package Account

Use this feature to backup and restore a single account. Creates or restores from a cpmove* file.

Generate 404's

The lack of a proper 404 error page on a site can lead to a lot of extra logging to apache. This will generate a 404 error page on all accounts that are missing one. Can make your own page and also generate html and shtml error pages.

Mass Actions

This script will allow you to backup, suspend, unsuspend and delete multiple accounts on your server.

Shell Commander

SSH access usually requires a 3rd party program such as putty installed on your computer. This script provides a handy ssh interface right from WHM. Use it for a number of features, uploading and downloading files, running short scripts and executing basic shell commands etc.

Mini Monitor

This allows the viewing and management of Xtra's custom built "Mini Monitor". This is a basic server monitor which will check a few essential services such as http, MySql and SSH on multiple servers. Use the add/remove link to set the email address to send to if a service or server goes down. You can view the page manually but for best results we suggest setting the cron to run at your preferred interval for automatic monitoring and notices.

Mega Monitor

Mega Monitor is an improvement on our basic Mini Monitor. This one is mysql based and administration is done completely via the web, no more editing files to add/remove servers to monitor. You can add/remove servers, choose which ports to monitor on each server and delete servers.

Forwarder Finders

Email forwarded from the server to a free email account can cause your server to be labelled as a spammer or spam relayer. This happens because even spam is forwarded to the free email address, thus tripping the providers spam filters. When it looks at the header it will see your servername as the sender or forwarder and block it.

Whois Lookup

Look up the details of a registered domain.

Mounted Partitions

List all mounted partitions and info on how they are mounted.

Multiple Accounts

Create Multiple (mass) accounts on your server with a simple list and selecting your options. The script will then create all the accounts for you.

True Space

cPanel doesn't always show the right space in WHM or even in cPanel itself. It tends to miss mail and mysql etc. True Space will show you the actual /home, mail and mysql usage for any specific user or even all users on the system.

Set Default to Fail

Whenever WHM creates an account it gives it a default email that nobody uses or even checks. This script gives you the ability to set all those default emails to :fail: so they don't fill up with junk and spam and take up hundreds of megs of space on a users account.